Glamping Glastonbury

- Accommodation Options for Glastonbury Festival 2020

Thousands of music lovers return to Glastonbury Festival, arguably the biggest and best festival in the UK, each and every year. Some work their way to festival nirvana being lucky enough to work for someone exhibiting or performing. Others bag a golden wristband by offering their services on a voluntary basis for the festival or one of the charities involved. Some are just plain lucky and win every time in the ticket lottery.

But there are also thousands of ticket hopefuls who haven't been to Glasto before and are determined to do everything they can to make it, so that they too can experience the wild and wonderful weekend - especially the big one in 2020, the 50th anniversary.

For some, it's on the to do list because of a major celebration; a big birthday, a special anniversary (or perfect place to pop the question), or a one-off get together with friends and family. For others, it's on the list of 'must do' at least once before life passes you by. And for many more, who have 'practised' at smaller events and survived, it's graduating to the festival of all festivals.

So if you are a first timer, what do you need to know to give yourself the absolute best chance of joining the merry-makers and having an awesome time?

Top 10 considerations for getting to know Glastonbury Festival:

  1. key dates that you need to have in your diary so you're not late to the starting gate
  2. ticket sale day strategies
  3. line-up rumours and announcements
  4. Glastonbury Festival accommodation; on-site, off-site, camping and glamping
  5. what to pack and what to leave at home
  6. what to wear (although some would say anything goes)
  7. what not to miss once you're there
  8. eating and drinking
  9. facilities for staying festival fresh
  10. around Glastonbury; other weird and wonderful things to do and see in the area.

Now some of this can wait until closer to the time, but there are some things to think about sooner rather than later, like deciding whether you'll stay on-site or off-site for example and booking somewhere to stay, because options shrink as the months count down to June. 

For now, get the festival dates in your diary: 24th to 28th June 2020; make sure you're registered as soon as you can ( and keep an eye here for updates.